Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Chapter 35: Looking in from the Outside

They were in a meeting, again.  The client loved meetings.  Beth sat across from Liam.  Meredith sat two seats away from Beth.

When he could get away with it, Liam started at Meredith.

Beth wanted to gag.  How someone who was otherwise the epitome of professionalism and class could make such a fool out of himself was beyond her.  Then again, who knew what Meredith was doing.

CAN YOU SEE HER FACE?  She texted to Lydia.  There was no need to identify who her was.

A moment later, her phone buzzed with the reply.  SHE'S IGNORING HIM RIGHT NOW. SHE LOOKS WHEN HE DOESN'T.

Beth managed not to roll her eyes.  She liked Meredith.  She liked Liam.  But the two of them were a train wreck in the making.   Why they couldn't play nice with each other was a mystery.

Her phone buzzed again.  DID THEY EVER FIND THE MISSING FILES?

Beth glanced at Lydia and gave a slight shake of her head.  Last October, during the big shake up when Liam was transferred out -- then abruptly brought back -- files regarding an ethics breech disappeared.  More accurately, the thumb drive disappeared.  A tiny one-gig drive barely an inch long.  Some people thought that it had simply been lost and thrown away, which was actually quite likely, but those who knew exactly what was on the drive were less likely to be that optimistic.  In Beth's opinion, Liam knew exactly where they were, and whatever had happened between him and Meredeith -- she knew about Meredith's visits to his hotel room -- had something to do with them.  She just couldn't prove it.

WE'LL TALK LATER. She hit send and closed her phone.  No point in drawing further attention to herself.

Settling back in her seat, she studied Liam again.  Meredith was saying something to the client, and Liam's attention was wholly on her once more.  Get a freaking room, she thought, annoyed.  They should have sent him to wherever and left him there.