Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Chapter 16: Wait.

And Liam wrote...

Just as the elevator doors were about to close, an older man came into view.  "Would you hold the door, please?"  I smiled and said I would.  What I wanted to say was more along the lines of "thanks a lot, old man."  I looked over at Meredith.  So much for kissing her in the elevator.

To my utter delight, he pressed "3."  I re-pressed "19."  When he exited, I looked over at her again.  She had this grin on her face and was shaking her head like she'd been reading me the whole time.  I don't suppose it was hard to do.  

The elevator car stopped. The doors opened.  We stepped out, and I pointed left to my room.  At the door, I fumbled with the keycard, swiping it downward.  The light stayed red.  "Turn it around, Liam," her voice came from behind me, laughing.  Turn.  Swipe.  Green.

The room was immaculate.  Housekeeping had been by earlier and everything was in its place.  By the balcony, there was a small table for two.  Meredith set her keys and clutch on the table and walked onto the balcony.  "This is great, Liam.  I still can't believe the company is picking up the tab for all of this."

"Ready for some wine?"  I asked, trying to maintain my composure.  My distance.  I couldn't just jump her.
"What are we having?" she asked, taking a seat at the table.  
"Madame ordered the '93 Gaia Barolo, which I have brought." I did my best snobby waiter impression.
"Well, garcon, are you going to just stand there all night or open the bottle?"
"As you wish," I retorted, wondering if she were really as calm as she appeared.

We talked then.  About the wine, about the Ferrari.  She laughed easily, she always has.  I offered her a refill, but she declined.  "This wine is sublime, Liam, but I can't.  I still have to go home tonight and that Ferrari isn't cheap.  I should go, anyway."

I was about to protest. But looking her whole in the face, I knew that protest was not necessary.  She wanted to stay, but she needed the right reason and the right words.  "You could stay here, you know, so you didn't have to worry about driving."  I smiled, but I was nervous.  I tried not to stutter and fumble, but I could feel it coming.  I went a bit too far with my pitch.  "The sofa is really comfortable here.  I don't mind.  You can have the bed."

"I should go," she said softly.
"Of course."

At the door, she turned to me.  "Thank you for the wine."
"Of course."  
"Good night."
I didn't reply.  Not verbally.  Instead I pulled her to me, hard, and kissed her until she was gasping for air, until I was nearly as breathless.  When she pushed me away, looking up at me with wide eyes, I didn't hesitate but turned her around and pulled her against me again, one hand on her shoulder and the other tight around her waist.  And I kissed her neck, her shoulders, and the top of her bare back.  Her breathing was audible.  So was mine.  I could feel each breath she took.  With one swipe of my arm, I cleared the small table, sending everything crashing to the floor.  Grabbing her by the waist, I picked her up and set her on the tabletop.  Our kissing resumed,  deeper and harder.  She began to whimper, a delicious sexy little mew in the back of her throat.  

I began to search for the zipper on the back of her dress.  As the straps of her dress fell down around her shoulders, her hands which had been buried in my hair suddenly came down and rested on my chest. She pushed me away from her.

"Wait," she whispered. "Wait, please."

I stopped. I saw her eyes. It was over."I can't do this to you, Liam."

“Meredith… I….” There were no words I could find to say. I moved away. I couldn't look at her. My head was bowed and I stared at the parquet wooden floor as I listened to her near the door, slipping on her shoes, grabbing her purse. When I heard her footsteps actually start to come closer, I got up from the chair and headed into the bedroom, being quite sure she would not follow me in there. Her footsteps stopped… then started again growing distant until they were stifled by the open and close of the door.