Monday, September 07, 2015

Chapter 3: What is an Affair?

What is an affair, anyway?

Is it two people who take pleasure in each other’s company but not in body?  Is it only when there’s a sexual thrill to that companionship?  Or is sex itself required?   Must we insert… the round peg into the round… oh my….  Is that an affair?

We had dinner again today.  It was full of conversation and laughter, and I was later reminded of a professor who spoke of how he was seeking someone who would “run, jump, and play” just like he did.    He wanted someone who enjoyed like as much – or more – than he did. 

Liam and I toy with ideas and thoughts and leave each other feeling mentally stimulated.  We speak of poetry and art and what such ideas are.  We touched briefly on our friendship, but there were more interesting – more important ? – topics to think about.

Bodies are cheap.  I’m slim and curvy and tell.  With a well-placed sign of smile, I can pretty much have what I want.  To be honest, it’s his mind that I crave above all.

He makes me laugh.