Thursday, October 01, 2015

Chapter 13: Last Day

Last day. This deserves a post apart from today's other musings. Today we were cursed with an unexpected co-worker, with a flurry of false good-byes, and a farewell cake bought only for show. We popped antacids and exchanged looks and tried to get our work done.

At three, just a scant hour before our day ended, we were alone and I got to kiss him and hear his pleasured groan.  We kissed goodbye standing in front of the office door, praying no one would walk in... yet probably too immersed in feeling our bodies pressed so fully together that we wouldn't have noticed...

There was nothing frantic about today. Nothing particularly sad or overly-depressing. Classic rock played on his laptop; there was ample laughter; and more than enough secret smiles exchanged between us.

Ahhhh, I'm going to miss Liam. I'm going to miss hearing him groan when I kiss him. I'm going to miss teasing him to get those exasperated glares. I'm going to miss sliding secret notes back and forth between the file cabinets when the officemates aren't looking. He'll be back, of course... his new position demands that he travel.  We'll find excuses to get together when he comes in. Already I have reasons to work late.